A letter i wrote to Erick Erickson of WSB’s radio talk show and http://www.redstate.com in response to his discussion on air. I wrote it from the position of a believer merely for the fact of the recipient.

Firstly, let me say Greetings and hello. I am Christian. Literally, my name is Christian. I was listening to the show and decided to call in. I have a common thread with you… I was raised fundamental southern baptist so, please walk with me through this and let me know your thoughts.

Where i caught the 6/21 show, you were talking about a Methodist minister who is female and now openly lesbian and has admitted to marrying other lesbian couples in her church.

You stated that homosexuality is banned by the bible, against God’s approval, the doctrinal bylaws of her Methodist church and asked why a minister would knowingly admit to being homosexual and marrying other gay/lesbian couples when it is forbidden.

You added that some of the mainstream, i guess more progressive churches, are straying away from traditional teachings like we grew up with and taking a more relaxed approach on homosexual relationships.

This is where you said, and i understand this, that the way you were raised, “puts the fun in fundie.” ie., fundamental southern baptist and finished your point with [paraphrasing] “God says it clearly in the bible being against his wishes/commands and through the changing times and current opinions of a specific progressive Pastor’s view on the current state of things, it’s not okay and that “God does not evolve” as people’s changing opinions do.”

So i call the show as I have some fundamental problems with what you said.

I am not a homosexual, I have a wife and daughter, but here’s my thought… [which i was told by the call screener my thought would alienate too many people and i wholeheartedly disagree.]

In all i know of God, humanity, and all of creation, homosexuality is evident and exists on every continent, in every culture, in every race, across all of man, around the entire globe, since all recorded time—with there even being occurrences of homosexuality in the animal kingdom.

It’s common across our entire human existence.

So, the reality is, regardless of what is written in the bible, it’s a fundamental Truth of our existence as evidenced by God himself through creation.

On a biological level, heterosexual couples/families, Christian and non-Christian, are giving birth to homosexual children across entirety of the human race.

So, would homosexuality really be such a unilateral occurrence across our existence if it were just a choice?

Really. Please put some serious thought into that.

Do you and most Christians really believe that in another 2000 to 5000, say even the next 10 to 20,000 years of existence that, regardless of what’s written in the bible, God somehow didn’t plan for this piece of his creation and that it is our current job as the stewards of his creation to continue to live in the mindset of the authors of the bible denigrating and judging others to preserve some sense of romanticism with stories and moral beliefs of times long since passed,versus lifting our heads up, taking a look around, acknowledging this and continuing to act like we still live in pre-historic times fostering an anthropological understanding equivalent to that of Sunday school 4th graders?

Are we really that shortsighted?

As to “God does not evolve,”
it’s odd to me that Christians who follow the bible to it’s Nth degree believe that God is somehow stuck in the mentality of the times of pyramids when men worshipped other men and that one of God’s tasks is damning all of these beings of his creation to hell for something most of the Christian community believe is a “choice.”

I know that in talking you’re painting inside the lines of your listenership, but It’s also quite deplorably scary that the major majority of Christian’s read the bible and interpret it as to assume that the last thing God ever had to morally say was written and finalized with the last page of the bible. If God spoke through Jesus and the authors of the bible of those times, does he not still speak through us?

This is a freaky unrealistic mentality not based on any sense of reasonable thought if you ask me. Could just be my own assumptions.

It’s also amazing to me that as a devout Christian, i assume you are, would make such a bold assumption as to know what God does and does not do in his own existence. Whether He evolves or not? Really?

You know this because it’s in the bible? Pretty bold assumption on a believer’s behalf.

We simply can’t assume as lesser beings that we “know” what the All Powerful can and can’t do based solely the writings of men from 2000 years ago—and, the evidence of reality all around us says exactly the opposite of what’s in the bible regarding homosexuality [and much more.]

This raises the question, are fundamental and conservative Christians so focused on the past and the teachings that they’re missing a piece of their own humanity?

Isn’t that missing out serving him?

Why choose to turn a blind eye and claim that “well, It’s in the bible? ”

Sorry, i do have to say, it is not me alienating themselves as your screener so told me.

Most people believe the bible because it’s what they were taught and they never decided to look outside and peek into what is fundamentally true across other cultures and the rest of our known existence.

This isn’t controversial, it’s just common sense. I really wish that when people spoke about God, especially in/on a mainstream outlet, they did so responsibly and respectfully.

I feel you completely stepped outside of your bounds in what you said regarding this even though it was short and in line with scripture, it makes me think that these were only talking points that you and other Christians don’t put much  thought into…

i hope this makes you think hard about the mainstream line of Christian thinking and I would love to know your thoughts on this as a Christian and as a commentator.

Please don’t respond with biblical quotes to justify your thoughts. I know them, but thanks for your time and reading.